How to Make an Easter Bunny Out of Frosting

by Aya Pauli

Making an Easter bunny with frosting is not hard to do, as long as you know the basics of piping. But creating the cheerful rabbit does take some time and patience to achieve. Piping involves placing the frosting in a pastry bag and pushing it through a stylized tip. You can use any stiff frosting, such as buttercream, to pipe the bunny. As long as you use the right color, the best frosting choice depends on what flavor and texture you’re craving.

Fill a pastry bag half-full with white frosting. Attach a large, round nozzle to the bag, using a coupler to keep the nozzle in place as needed. Twist the bag closed and press it until frosting starts to flow, the process known as burping. Set the bag aside. Fill a second pastry bag no more than half full with pink frosting and attach a tiny nozzle, repeating the burping process. Fill a third pastry bag no more than half-full with brown frosting and attach a tiny nozzle, burping again. Set the filled bags aside.

Visualize the size of the Easter bunny you want to create. Pipe the outline of an oval in white frosting to create the bunny body. Fill in the oval with lines of white frosting. Press a wet fingertip gently over the oval filling to smooth the lines, being careful not to smear the oval outline.

Pipe the outline of circle in white frosting at the top of the oval to create the bunny head. Fill in the circle with lines of white frosting and smooth with your fingertip. Pipe two thin, long ovals on the top of the circle in white frosting to create the bunny’s ears. Pipe a large dot to each side of the oval in white frosting to make the bunny’s hands and a large dot on each bottom side of the oval in white frosting to make the bunny’s feet.

Fill in the bunny’s ears with pink frosting. Make a small circle in pink frosting on the bunny’s head to create a nose. Pipe a pink frosting mouth onto the bunny.

Pipe two large circles in brown frosting on the bunny’s head to create eyes. Make a basket-shape below one of the bunny’s hands in brown frosting. Pipe a brown arch going from the basket and through the end of the hand to create a handle. Dust the top of the basket with multicolored round sprinkles to give the impression of an egg-filled basket.

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Brought to you by LEAFtv

Items you will need

  • 3 pastry bags
  • White frosting
  • Large nozzle, round
  • Pink frosting
  • 2 tiny nozzles, round
  • Brown frosting
  • Multicolored round candy sprinkles


  • Control of your piping means the different between make a cute Easter bunny and making a mess, so take some time to practice before you create your real decorations.


  • Don’t panic if you mess up on the Easter bunny. Cut away the messed up frosting carefully with the tip of a knife and fix the area as needed.

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