How to Make a Fondant Beer Can

Martin Poole/Digital Vision/Getty Images

You can’t chug it, but you can make a fondant beer can that looks real enough that you’ll want to slug it back. Fondant is a pliable sugar dough that works much like modeling dough. You can color it as you like and mold it into any shape, even a beer can. Making a fondant beer can does require some practice and patience. The secret to creating a quality can is to include everything, such as the tab and the rim, so that the final result looks as realistic as possible.

Step 1

Roll a piece of fondant into a large cylinder shape with your hands, making the cylinder as thick as the average beer can. Make the cylinder slightly longer than the average beer can’s height. Cut the top from the cylinder to create a flat top for the can. Cut the bottom from the cylinder, cutting the shape to average beer can height, to create a flat bottom for the can. Set the can aside.

Step 2

Dust a hard surface with powdered sugar. Roll out a piece of fondant 1/4 inch thick, using the same color you chose for the can, on the prepared surface. Cut out a circle 1/2 inch wider than the top of the can. Roll the outer 1/4 inch edge of the circle inward evenly to create a rim around the circle. Set circle aside.

Step 3

Cut a small oval shape from the rolled fondant, just large enough to be the tab on the can. Cut a circle shape from the bottom area of the tab, leaving the very bottom rim of the tab intact. Cut a half-moon shape from the top area of the tab, leaving the very top rim of the tab intact. Set tab aside.

Step 4

Brush the back of the rimmed circle with a light coat of water. Press the circle, rim side up, onto the top of the fondant can. Etch a small indent around the mouth opening area on the lid with a toothpick. Etch a circle around the inside of the brim to create the liquid catch area.

Step 5

Brush the back of the tab with water. Press the tab, half-moon side facing away from the mouth opening, onto the top of the can. Allow fondant can to dry.

Step 6

Add words and pictures to the can using edible markers, edible paint or piped frosting. Allow the words to dry.