How to Make Your Boyfriend Happy

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Being in a relationship can be both challenging and frustrating, but it really doesn't have to be either. Learn how to find happiness in your relationship and make your boyfriend happy in the process.

Compliment the qualities, attributes and strengths your boyfriend demonstrates at home, work and in the community. Recognize his individual success and competence as a man to show appreciation for the contributions your boyfriend makes. Show that you are proud to be in relationship with a wonderful man.

Listen to your boyfriend lament a bad day or disappointment at work. Validate his fears and show your faith in his ability to "solve" the problem. Focus on how he has solved a similar problem in the past. Make him feel capable and strong.

Surprise your boyfriend with tickets to a favorite sports events, live theater performance, concert or comedy show. Choose an event that is specifically of interest to him and actively participate to make the event enjoyable, memorable and fun. Have an itinerary or plan that incorporates many activities within the larger event.

Encourage your boyfriend to spend one to two nights with his friends. Show your independence and establish trust by encouraging your boyfriend to watch a baseball game or soccer match at a friend's house. State that you value his independence as greatly as you value your own. Later, ask him to discuss highlights or significant strategies used by a player(s) during the game. For fun, ask him to demonstrate several simple and easy to master moves, such as how to pitch a baseball or control a soccer ball.

Cook your boyfriend a romantic dinner once a week or biweekly depending on your schedule. Include his and your favorite dishes. This can include anything from his favorite pasta dish to your favorite meat dish. Be sure to provide his favorite beer or soda.