Lutheran Baptism Present Ideas

Being baptized in the Lutheran church is an honor. It is a time of celebration and consecration that family and friends gather to support. Whether you're familiar with the Lutheran church or not, buying the perfect baptism gift is not too difficult, with a few key ideas in mind.


No matter what gift you decide on, making it personal will add value and significance. A common gift for a Lutheran baptism is a King James Version of the Bible. To give a deeper meaning, engrave the Bible and write a note inside the cover. Every time the recipient uses the gift, you will be associated with the gift. In addition to Bibles, you can also have jewelry, crosses and other gifts engraved to add a personal touch.

Spiritual Significance

When giving a Lutheran baptism gift, give something with spiritual significance. You can give a cross, a spiritual journey journal or a prayer book. Giving something with spiritual significance will encourage the recipient to grow in his faith and provide him with the tools to do so. If you are a spiritual person, you can also offer the gift of prayer and give a plaque stating that you are committed to praying for his life and future.


Give a gift that commemorates the day. An engraved picture frame, keepsake box or even clothing that will be used the day of baptism is appropriate. These gifts make the day extra special and provide the person with the ability to look back and remember the commitment he made.

If you think the person will appreciate the thought, name a star after him or create a website that will be an ongoing reminder of how special the day was. Celebrate yearly with a special meal on the anniversary of the baptism.