Instructions for Making a Snow Globe

AP Photo/Kiddley

Making your own holiday gifts is an affordable and personal alternative to buying presents for everyone on your list. One idea that remains popular from year to year is the homemade snow globe. This is a timeless, memorable holiday gift that even your kids can be involved in creating.

Reuse a clear glass jar for the globe. This could be a baby food jar, canning jar, jelly jar, or whatever you have. Make sure that the jar you choose has a tight-fitting lid.

Fix your diorama scene to the inside of the jar lid. Use superglue or another fast-drying, clear adhesive.

Pour water or mineral oil into the jar. Using oil will make your glitter fall more slowly after being shaken.

Add glitter to the jar of water or oil. You may also add crushed eggshells for snow.

Screw the lid securely onto the jar. Use clear adhesive to seal the lid to the jar if desired.

Shake and enjoy!