Information on Stainless Steel Jewelry


0:07 hi I'm Christy Prince Hale and today

0:09 we're talking about stainless steel

0:11 jewelry stainless steel can provide some

0:14 really great trendy looks for a fraction

0:16 of the cost of platinum or white gold so

0:20 it's a great resource when you're

0:22 designing jewelry and one of the things

0:24 that's so great about it is that you can

0:26 really come up with some great pieces

0:27 some trendy or even classic pieces just

0:30 like this now the one thing that I want

0:32 to point out is is that this metal is

0:34 really kind of doesn't tend to rust or

0:37 stain or corrode however if there's poor

0:40 circulation or low oxygen sometimes they

0:43 can start to stain so what you want to

0:45 do is really make sure you take care of

0:47 your stainless steel pieces of jewelry

0:49 because they will last pretty much

0:51 forever as long as you keep them clean

0:53 and they'll look brand new if you just

0:55 keep them clean so they just require a

0:57 little bit of mild detergent you can

1:00 even use some toothpaste to take off

1:01 some of the grime but all in all they're

1:03 really simple to maintain and they'll

1:05 last for a really long time so thanks

1:07 for joining me and learning a little bit

1:08 about stainless steel jewelry I'll see

1:11 you next time

1:14 you

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