How to Find Information on a Loved One in a Nursing Home

by MiShaun Taylor

When you are trying to locate a loved one who you know is in a nursing home, it can be quite frustrating. However, there are several methods you can use to locate this person. Below, you'll learn some essential steps to take that will help you learn how to find a loved one in a nursing home.

Conduct a search with This is the most basic of searches that can often lead individuals to loved ones they don't have contact information for. At, enter your loved one's first and last name. If you know the state where the nursing home is in, you can enter that as well. You'll be provided with a list of names, as well as the last known address for that person. Through this method, you can even leave a message on the web for that particular person.

Conduct a general Internet search with your loved one's name. While this seems vague, you may get lists that contain information that has been entered about your loved one. It can be a helpful resource if you know how to use it. Simply use the Google search bar and type in your loved one's name. If you know the state or the nursing home your loved one should be in, include that information in quotations. You'll need to spend some time going through these results.

Conduct a nursing home search. If you have encountered no relevant results with the Internet searches, you can search by nursing home. This can be an exhaustive search, but if you know which state your loved one is in, it will make it easier. You will basically be calling these nursing homes to check if there is anyone by the name of your loved one there. You can find nursing homes by state when you visit (see Resources). Simply click on the link of the state your loved one may be in--and then the county. From here, you'll get nursing home results, including contact information.

Utilize the Social Security Administration to locate your loved one. In some situations, the Social Security Administration will forward letters to your loved one or will write to the loved one letting him know that you are searching for him. You will need to include the loved one's Social Security information or identifying information, including full name and place of birth along with his parents' names and mother's maiden name. Send your letter in an unmarked, unsealed envelope with only the individual's name present on the envelope. Do not send anything of value with this letter. Send it to: Social Security Administration Letter Forwarding P.O. Box 33022 Baltimore, MD 21290-3022

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