How to Keep Snake Skin in Good Condition

Snakeskin is perhaps the epitome of the exotic fashion statement, whether found on boots, belts or other accessories. Lending a sleek look with its shimmery scales, the downside most people find in wearing snakeskin is the dearth of information on how to keep your snakeskin in good condition. You’ll be relieved to learn that it’s not too complicated to care for snakeskin; by keeping some standard care methods in mind, you can rest assured that your snakeskin accessory will stay in top condition for a long time.

Wipe any surface dirt and dust from the snakeskin, using a slightly dampened cotton cloth and wiping in the direction of the scales.

Brush off any embedded dirt with a soft-bristled brush (such as a sable paintbrush), being careful not to lift the scales.

Condition your snakeskin with an exotic leather conditioner that is specifically listed as being safe for snakeskin, such as Scout Exotic Leather Cleaner & Conditioner or Apple Leather Care (see Resources Section). Apply a thin coating with a soft lint-free cloth, again wiping with the grain of the scales.