Importance of a Bed Bath

by Cheryl Gregory ; Updated September 28, 2017

Personal hygiene is necessary, even if you are confined to a bed. Regular cleaning of the skin will prevent infections and body odor. Nursing personnel commonly give bed baths on a regular basis.

Some Patents Cannot Bathe Themselves

Bed baths are commonly given to people who are patients in a hospital or other nursing facility because they are unable to complete this task on their own.


Many elderly patients are incontinent. They may regularly wear briefs or other protective garments. Patients who are unable to wash themselves need to have a partial bed bath daily.

Bed Baths Will Make a Person Feel Better

People who are unable to bathe themselves will benefit psychologically if they know they are clean and free of body odor. Patients who are enduring the pain and depression brought about by a serious health condition will have a much better outlook on things if they are clean.

Skin Breakdowns

Bedridden patients in the hospital or other nursing facilities are prone to skin breakdowns. The bed bath is the perfect opportunity for the caregiver to check the person’s skin for reddened areas.

Build Your Relationship

Giving a person a bed bath is a very personal task. Baths are very private. While bathing your patient or loved one, you have the perfect opportunity to build your relationship and discuss any issues that may be bothering her.

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