Does Tanning Help Dry Skin?

Yes, Tanning Helps Those With Severe Dry Skin

According to "Controlled exposure to UV-B and/or UV-A can help those who have severely dry skin and eczema." Since tanning booths use UV-B and UV-A rays, they can be used to treat those with dry skin. However, they should only be used in severe cases since tanning beds can cause other skin problems.

No, It Can Make Your Skin Worse

"Tanning beds can make dry skin worse because heat and UV rays dehydrate the skin," according to Tanning can also accelerate the aging process in those that have very dry skin. In fact, it can cause the skin to wrinkle and can lead to other serious skin conditions.

Bottom Line

While tanning beds are recommended for those that have severely dry skin and eczema, other methods to moisturize your skin should be used first. Tanning beds should be used as a last resort because it can damage the skin. Try moisturizers, topical agents, antibiotics and antihistamines to treat dry skin.