Indian Beauty Tips for Removing Facial Hair

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Indian beauty tips for removing facial hair often entail natural methods. Because Indian women typically have excessive facial hair, they have devised plenty of natural ways to remove facial hair such as sugaring, threading and by using a turmeric mixture. Many of these facial hair removal tips have been around for hundreds of years and are just now becoming popular in other countries.

Facial Hair

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Facial hair can be unsightly and embarrassing to women. Indian women are one of the few cultures who experience a noticeable amount of unsightly facial hair on their upper lip, chin and cheeks. Because of their experience with excess facial hair, Indian women have created beauty tips for removing facial hair.

Facial hair is bothersome to many women, not just Indian women, because there is sometimes a feeling of masculinity associated with it. Removing the hair makes women feel more feminine and may give them added confidence.


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Threading is a form of hair removal that Indians have practiced for hundreds of years. According to, hair is removed with a 100 percent cotton thread that is twisted and pulled across the skin surface of unwanted hair, extracting hair from the follicle. Threading works with any skin type, even sensitive skin, because no chemicals are used when removing the hair.


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Another Indian beauty tip for removing facial hair is the sugaring method. Sugaring removes hair similarly to waxing but uses all natural ingredients, including sugar, honey and lemon juice. To remove hair with sugaring, the mixture is spread over skin in the direction of hair growth with a spatula and then removed using a muslin strip.


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In ancient India, turmeric was used to remove hair. Turmeric is mixed with besan paste and applied to facial hair, then after 20 minutes you can rub the paste away. You will begin to see turmeric’s effect after a couple months of regular use. Hair should become noticeably less dense.

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