How to Get Rid of Hair on Fingers

Hair removal wax heater

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Unwanted hair on the fingers is not uncommon but you may find it unsightly if the fingers are your own. But while the people around you probably won't even notice those few stray hairs, if you're feeling self-conscious, you can easily get rid of them. Removing those pesky finger hairs is much like defuzzing any part of the body. You just need to determine the ideal removal method for you.

Quick and Painless

Most people already own a razor, which works as an easy, inexpensive and painless ways to be rid of unwanted hair. Just wet your fingers and lather them up with shaving gel before using a razor -- this will prevent red bumps. Depilatory cream also painlessly removes hair on the surface but instead of snipping, it dissolves the hair while sitting on the skin. With both methods, hair grows back within a few days.

From the Root

If you want your newfound hairlessness to last a little longer, then maybe waxing or tweezing is the choice for you. With waxing, groups of hair are ripped out using a heated or cold wax or wax stripes. Tweezers similarly remove fuzz from the root, but they but can only pull them out one at a time. But while shaving and depilatories are generally pain-free, you may experience discomfort and redness from root-removal processes. However, the results can last up to eight weeks.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal uses an intense light pulse to remove unwanted finger hair. It can be costly but the results are much longer-lasting than any other method -- for some people, the hair never grows back. A few treatments are sometimes needed for the process to be effective. Because laser devices seek out the dark melanin pigment found in the follicle shaft, it is considered unsuitable for those with darker skin or light hair.