Ideas for Sign Sheets for Baby Showers

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A creative approach to the sign-in table makes the baby shower memorable from the start. Many sign-in sheet options give the guests a chance to add a more personalized message. The resulting keepsake leaves the mom-to-be with a special memory to display. The sign-in ideas are easy to customize to fit the theme or color scheme of any baby shower.

Photo Mat

A photo mat becomes the keepsake foundation of a sign-in sheet for the baby shower. Choose a frame and mat that fits inside. Place the mat on a table near the entrance to the baby shower. The guests sign their names or write a short message depending on how much space is available. At the shower, take a photo of the entire group. The mom-to-be gets to remember the day with the group photo surrounded by the signed mat from all the guests.


A journal is a twist on the traditional guest book. Choose a baby-themed journal or one that matches the overall theme of the shower. The guests write messages to the mom-to-be on pages in the journal. They might share a piece of advice or offer general congratulations. To make the journal more meaningful, adhere some keepsakes from the shower to it, like pieces of confetti or an invitation. Photos from the shower add to the personalization of the journal, making it a mini-scrapbook of the event.

First Birthday Card

This sign-in idea becomes a gift for both the mom-to-be and her baby. Purchase a birthday card that her baby will open on his first birthday. Choose a large card or purchase multiple cards if you have a large guest list. Each guest signs the card and writes a little message to the baby. Another option is to purchase cards for his first five or 10 birthdays. The new mom will enjoy looking back at the messages the guests wrote as she celebrates birthdays with her baby.


For a more modern sign-in option, grab a video camera and let each guest sign in electronically. Assign one person the role of videographer. Each guest records a short digital greeting on camera as she enters the baby shower. She might share a special memory she has of the guest of honor, congratulations, advice or just a general greeting. Some guests might be a little camera-shy, so having a traditional sign-in sheet along with the video allows everyone to leave their mark even if they don't want to be on camera.