Ideas for Placing Pictures as Centerpieces


0:00 hi my name is Jenna Lee with splurge

0:02 events and today I'm going to show you

0:04 how to make centerpieces using pictures

0:07 so for your supplies you'll need picture

0:11 frames you'll need double stick tape

0:13 these clear translucent sheets you can

0:16 buy at the craft store a lighter

0:19 scissors duct tape and some candles so

0:24 what you're going to do first is take

0:29 your frame line them up then you'll take

0:40 your duct tape

0:43 we found black duct tape match our black

0:47 frames but if you did not have a

0:51 matching duct tape you can always just

0:54 spray-paint it so you're going to place

0:57 your duct tape down half on each side of

1:00 the frame so that it connects your

1:02 frames together and then you're going to

1:09 use your double stick tape inside the

1:14 frame and this is what your pictures are

1:17 going to stick to and you'll do one on

1:22 each side and once you have all four

1:25 sides with tape you're going to take

1:28 your picture right side facing out and

1:31 you fit it inside the frame you're going

1:38 to press it down so that it catches the

1:40 tape and you're going to do that for all

1:44 three sides of your frame and then right

1:48 here is one that is already finished

1:55 so we took the candle placed it in the

1:59 center and lit the candle and there's

2:05 all the sides of your centerpiece my

2:08 name is Jenna Lee with splorch events

2:10 and today we've shown you how to take

2:11 pictures and turn them into centerpieces