Ideas for Baby Naming Ceremonies

A baby naming ceremony is a time for friends and family to gather and welcome a new addition. There are creative ways that parents can choose to conduct the baby naming ceremony, and incorporating spiritual or cultural beliefs into the celebration will make the day more memorable.

Religious Ceremonies

Invite family members to a christening, brit bat, or brit milah. Friends and loved ones are invited to the church where the christening will take place. The baby, dressed in white, is then given his or her biblical name and baptized by a priest or member of clergy. Those of Jewish heritage often have a brit bat (for girls) or a brit milah (for boys), which is a ceremony where the baby is given a Jewish name. The brit bat or brit milah is usually held in the home of the baby's parents.

Baby Naming Shower

A baby naming shower allows the parents of the baby to invite as many people as desired to the event, and since people traditionally bring gifts to a christening, it is not inappropriate to label the baby naming a "shower." Send out invitations for the event, and spend the first few minutes of the ceremony explaining the baby's name and significance. Organize games that will help guests to explore the meanings of common names, or play a game of Scrabble where guests can create unique baby names of their own.

Family Ceremony

Include everyone that will have a hand in the baby's development to the baby naming ceremony. Ask loved ones to prepare a poem or short speech for the baby. These verbal presentations should include information about the meaning of the baby's name, and how the child's name can help to shape his/her character in the future. The ceremony can be held at a banquet hall, house of worship, or at home. Decorations that include the baby's first initial, as well as colors that are used for the baby's nursery, can be part of the decor. Refreshments or a meal can be served afterward in order to give family members more time to enjoy the baby and each other.