Ideas for a Redneck Bridal Shower

A redneck bridal shower is unconventional in many ways -- among them the fact that the celebration is not meant to impress anybody, so the decorations need not be fancy. Roll out the beer keg and prepare to have a bash like never before.

Plaid Tablecloth and Decorations

If a redneck is anything, it's casual, so feel free to bring out that flannel tablecloth. Take it a step further and use red plaid patterns on the napkins as well. If you do, go with a darker color so you can see them better on the table. For more decoration, put a pail in the center of each table. Fill each pail with dirt and simple flowers; using simple flowers like lilies and carnations will be much better than those fancy roses.

Camouflage Decoration

When in doubt, camouflage is another redneck staple to turn to; rednecks wear it all the time when hunting. The bride-to-be already successfully hunted down her man, but that doesn't mean nobody else can wear camouflage. Additionally, if your presents are in gift bags, you can decorate them with camouflage colored tissue paper.


When throwing a redneck bridal shower, keep the food simple and outdoor-related. Like the flower decorations, it would really clash with the settings if you were to get fancy food, such as caviar, gougeres and filo purses. Instead, go for the four basic staples of redneck dining: hot dogs, deer jerky, beer and even more beer. Serve deer jerky as an appetizer, hot dogs as the main meal and some corn on the cob to butter your bread with.


If the weather allows it, you can hold the redneck bridal shower in an outdoor location that lets you barbecue, especially if you use the deer jerky and hot dog menu. If not, you can set up around a deer stand or re-create "Cooter's garage" from "Dukes of Hazard." Finally, make it a "right good" hoe-down with some redneck music. Scoot your boots to John Denver and Hank Williams Jr., and your guests will have so much danged fun.