How to Wear Perfume for Men

by Charlie Gaston ; Updated September 28, 2017

Applying perfume for men is a science. Unlike the quick splash of aftershave, perfume for men must be carefully applied to key areas of the body. This will maximize the intensity of the scent and keep it present on the skin for hours. Learn the correct way to apply and use perfume for men.

Select a men's perfume. Test the perfume by spraying a sample on a cloth or paper (tester sheets may be available at some department store counters).

Test for intensity and key scents. Rate the primary scent and then wait several minutes to rate the undertone scents. The primary scent is the strongest scent and will be most intense when the perfume is immediately applied to the skin. Undertones are used to lift the fragrance throughout the day and provide subtle, complementary derivatives of the primary scent. Men's perfumes can have fresh cut wood scents as well as dried fruit and floral undertones.

Use body heat to intensify the perfume. Also called pulse points, key hot spots on the body produce more heat and can intensify smells. Apply perfume to hot spots like the neck, wrists and behind the ears for normal wear. Because these parts of the body are exposed to air, additional applications will be necessary. Use this technique for normal wear (i.e. attending a 2- to 6-hour event) or when it will not be necessary to apply new perfume. The length of time the perfume will last depends on the oils and alcohol used in the perfume.

Wear perfume under clothing for all-day wear. For longer wear, apply the perfume to key hot spots under your clothes, like the wrists, chest, back, and thighs. Air slowly steals the scent of perfumes and colognes, so make sure the sleeves of your shirt cover your wrist. The other hot spots also should be covered. This technique will sustain the fragrance all day and is ideal when traveling for a long period of time. For example, when you're taking a business flight.


  • Use a light scented aftershave or a subtle complementary scent to avoid overpowering friends, colleagues and neighbors with two fragrances. When applying perfume for men it is important to always dab the scent onto the skin. This will prevent spillage as well as stop you from using too much.

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