How to Wear a Toupee

Wearing a toupee is no easy task. To appear natural, a toupee must be cared for with far more diligence than your natural hair. A carelessly maintained toupee can easily ruin the intended effect--avoiding excess attention--by instead drawing attention to the toupee itself.

With a wet towel or cloth, wipe your scalp clear of any hairpiece adhesive residue. Wash your entire head, scrubbing your scalp thoroughly with exfoliating scalp scrub. Rinse, and repeat. Dry your head fully, and add a layer of waterproof sealant.

Apply toupee tape underneath your toupee, at the base. Place the tape as close to the outer edge as possible. Make sure to peel the backing off the strips so that the tape will attach to your scalp.

Spray your scalp with an alcohol-based formula, such as Adjust-a-Bond. This spray prevents the toupee from sticking instantaneously, allowing you a few precious minutes for adjustment.

Slowly, place the toupee onto your head. Adjust the toupee into place, applying pressure to every area where you've placed adhesive tape. Lightly mist your toupee with water, and add a dash of spray-on conditioner.

At the end of the day, remove your toupee from back to front. Use the tips of your fingers to feel around the back edge, and gently peel up the base with a fingernail. Gently peel the toupee off your scalp, a few inches at a time, taking care not to pull so hard that you stretch the material out of shape. Use adhesive remover if necessary.