How to Wear a Scarf to Cover a Thyroid Scar

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Thyroid disease, or nodules on the thyroid, can result in surgery. Even if it is benign, there could be a prominent lump on your neck that makes you feel self-conscious. When surgery is done on the thyroid, the result is a scar on the front part of the neck. It is usually a small scar and hidden in the folds of the neck. Still, it is understandable that you would want to do your best to disguise it, especially when it is new. Learn how to wear a scarf to cover a thyroid scar.

Wear a scarf as a muffler. A thick, knit, luxurious scarf worn as a muffler is stylish. It is ideal for covering a thyroid scar. A scarf worn this method is wrapped around the neck without the ends hanging out. Tuck the ends underneath the scarf. This muffler style of scarf goes quite high on the neck.

Drape a medium-width silk scar around your neck multiple times and tie it. Loop it around once so that it's flush up against the neck and the thyroid scar. Loop it around two more times in larger loops. Tie it in front. Try a bright-colored scarf such as Kelly green.

Wrap a crocheted flower scarf around your neck to cover the scar. This is perfect for a summer outfit. A white scarf, with crocheted flowers, is a stylish disguise. Start by wrapping it twice around your neck. It should just be a bit loose but up against the neck. Let the ends drape over the front of your shoulders so that they hang down.