How to Wear a Naval Garrison Cap

by Jeremiah Blanchard

The term "garrison" refers to when a serviceman is at his base post during peace time. The naval garrison cap is typically worn when on base or aboard ship, not specifically during working hours, or for certain ceremonies.

Step 1

Wear the garrison cap in accordance with the "Uniform of the Day" for your designated duty station. Daily uniforms are designated prior to the morning flag ceremony or "colors."

Step 2

Place the cap squarely on your head with the front point centered squarely between the eyebrows. The cap should be worn at the lowest point just an inch above the brow line.

Step 3

Tilt the cap slightly to the left from square center after returning home from combat stations, according to the regulations of your command post. Historically, war veterans were allowed a slight left tilt after combat operations. Today, these regulations should be confirmed prior to wearing the cap.

Step 4

Wear the cap outdoors only–and at all times–unless instructed otherwise by a superior ranking officer or NCO. In accordance with Naval regulations, the head must be covered at all times when outdoors. A cap must be removed upon entering a building, and stowed by placing it under the belt on the right or left side of the uniform.

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