How to Wax Toe Hair


A pair of feet can be exceedingly sexy. But you add some toe hair and that sex appeal goes down the drain real fast. While shaving the toe hair is certainly an option, it tends to grow back fairly quickly. If you wax the toe hair, the thickness of the hair is often decreased. Here are some tips on how to wax your toe hair.

Wash and dry your toes thoroughly. This will remove lotions, tanning oils, sweat and other things that may stop the wax from sticking to your toes.

Trim your toe hair. While most hair won't be exceedingly long, you want to make sure they are not longer than 1/2 inch. This will make the process a bit less painful when you wax. Using a pair of pedicure scissors will do the trick.

Apply your wax to the little piggies. There are all sorts of wax on the market. Hot wax, spreadable wax, wax that requires paper strips. There's no wrong way to go here as they will all do the trick. The best advice is to stick to a brand you've had luck with before so that you know your skin doesn't react negatively to the product. If this is the first time using the product, try just one toe first to make sure it works for you and you don't have any reaction.

Add any paper strips or other layer that is recommended to go over the wax according to your directions and press down firmly. (Again, depending on what kind of wax you buy, this may or may not be necessary; follow the directions.)

Pull the skin around the toes taut. There is usually not a lot of excess skin around the toes, but just in case, be sure there is not any additional "slack" in the skin, as the result can be quite painful.

Wax your toes by ripping the strip or removing the wax against the direction of your hair. This will remove the hair deeper into the skin giving you a longer lasting wax. Now go get a nice pedicure and show off your little piggies.