How to Get Hair off of Your Toes

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Nothing can turn you off to the idea of wearing a pair of sandals or flip flops like toe hair. If you have hair on your toes, chances are you are reluctant to wear open-toe shoes or walk around barefoot at the pool, beach or other public places. And guys aren't the only ones who get these random, unwanted hairs. Toe hair happens to women, too. But instead of letting a few strays cramp your pedi-style, take action to remove them so that you feel good about showing off your feet again.

Place your toe hair between the two tongs of your tweezer and pull out the hairs at the root. Pull the hair in one abrupt movement to get it over with fast. Your toe is a sensitive area and pulling out the hair by the root can be painful.

Lather your toe up with some shaving cream and shave the hair off with a razor. This is a quick and painless solution to removing your toe hair, but the solution is temporary. Since you only remove the surface hair -- and not below the root, such as with tweezers -- the toe hair will grow back quickly.

Wax the hair off of your toe with an at-home waxing kit. Apply the hot wax over the hairs and pull the hair out by the root with a strip of paper that covers the wax. Waxing is a better option than using tweezers if you have a lot of hairs to remove. For just one or two strays, stick with the tweezers, which is less messy.

Make an appointment with an aesthetician to get electrolysis. Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal solution. It involves having a needle stuck into the hair follicle to remove the hair. You will need to get a series of treatments performed before the toe hair is forever gone.