How to Wash Medical Scrubs for the First Time

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After purchasing medical scrubs, you will want to wash them before wearing them to work or school. Washing them will not only remove any germs or bacteria that may be present, but also provide a softer feel and release any wrinkles. To prevent fading and shrinkage, it is important to follow specific instructions when washing your scrubs for the first time.

Review the care instructions on the label of your medical scrubs. These instructions should explain the proper way of washing your scrubs. For example, some scrubs can be washed in a regular washing machine and dried on high heat, while other scrubs must be professionally dry-cleaned or hand-washed and dried flat or on low heat. It is important to review this information before washing your medical scrubs for the first time. To ensure successful results, follow the directions exactly.

Look at the tag to determine the material of your scrubs. While most medical scrubs are made of a cotton/polyester blend, other scrubs may be made of 100 percent cotton. It is important to know the material content before washing your scrubs for the first time.

Set your washing machine to its smallest load setting and select your water temperature. For medical scrubs made of 100 percent cotton, use cold water. All other scrubs can be washed in warm water. Turn the washing machine on and allow the basin to fill partly with water.

Add a small amount of detergent to the machine while it is filling with water. Although your scrubs should be relatively clean the first time you wash them, you should use a detergent that kills bacteria. Also, add half a cup of vinegar to the water. This should help to set the color of your medical scrubs and prevent the color from fading.

Turn your medical scrubs inside out and place them into the washing machine. The first time you are washing your scrubs, do not wash them with any other clothes if possible. The colors of your scrubs may bleed onto other materials in their first washing. Close the lid and allow the machine to run through its cycle.

Once the entire wash cycle has finished, remove your scrubs and place them in the dryer. To prevent shrinkage, set the dryer to low or medium heat. Add a dryer sheet to prevent static, and allow the dryer to run through its entire cycle until the scrubs are completely dry. Remove them promptly.