How to Use Oxi Clean on Colors

Washing laundry in hot water and adding bleach is a traditional way to get whites sparkling and free of dirt and grime. When it comes to colors, getting your clothes as clean as you want without dulling their vibrancy can be more difficult to accomplish. Hot water and bleach are both detrimental to colors, making it difficult to keep your clothing looking like new. OxiClean is a chlorine-free, oxygen-based stain fighter and laundry booster that enhances the cleaning power of regular detergent and brightens colors in the wash.

Choose the correct product. Alongside the traditional powders, there is a variety of OxiClean products that are available in the market, such as liquids and gels. Each product is color safe on colorfast materials. Choose the product that is easiest for you to work with and will best suit your laundry cleaning needs.

Check for color fastness. Find a spot on your garment that is not easily visible. If using the powder combine a small amount with water according to the directions and apply it the selected area. If you are using the liquid or gel, apply it directly to the test spot. Allow the product to sit for approximately five minutes, but do not allow it to dry on the material. Rinse the item completely and check the tested area. If the color is undisturbed it is colorfast and OxiClean can be used; however if the color has faded or bleached to any degree, the item is not colorfast and should be washed with your regular detergent only.

Treat stains on your clothes. Check your color items for signs of stains and rinse away as much as possible. Place a small amount of the OxiClean directly on the spot in the same manner used during the check for colorfastness. Rub it into the fabric and allow it to sit on the garment for five to 10 minutes without allowing it to dry.

Add OxiClean as a supplement to your regular detergent. Turn on your washing machine and set the temperature for cold wash to best preserve your colors. As your machine is filling, measure and add the directed amount of regular detergent for the size of your load of colored clothing. Look for the directions on the OxiClean container and measure the appropriate amount of powder or liquid as instructed and add into the washing machine along with your regular detergent. Place your colored clothing in the washing machine and allow it to wash as you would normally.