Directions for Rit Color Remover

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Pulling clothes out of the washing machine and finding that something has bled all over your clothes can be upsetting. Many people tend to rewash the clothes using bleach, but there are other ways to remove the dye from clothes without using harsh chemicals. One way is to use Rit dye remover, which works best on stained whites and is used on colors only when you want to lighten or remove color from already-dyed clothing.

Fill the washing machine tub completely with hot water if you have a top-load washer. If you have a front-load washer, place the stained or dyed clothes into the machine and close the door.

Place one package of the dye remover into the washing machine and begin a washing cycle if you have a top-load washer. If you have a front-load washer, place the dye remover in the detergent dispenser and begin a hot-water washing cycle. You do not need to add any other detergent to the washer. The dye remover comes in a small cardboard box or plastic package. Open the box or tear the plastic package where it says "Tear Here." Place your dyed clothes into the washing bin and shut the lid if you have a top-load washer.

Allow the machine to complete a cycle.

Rewash the clothes with dye remover if any color remains on the clothes, following Steps 1 through 3.

Wash the clothes again using regular laundry detergent once the dye has been removed from the clothes, then dry.