How to Get an Oil Stain Out of Nonwashable Wool Pants

by Paul Cartmell ; Updated September 28, 2017

All clothing manufacturers must include on their garment a label detailing cleaning instructions. Images

Oil stains can include oil-based food products such as salad dressings and ketchup. Most wool garments are labeled “dry-clean only" because the fibers in wool pants and other garments will shrink when machine washed. You can remove stains from nonwashable wool pants using household products, then have the garment dry-cleaned. When a stain is removed using a spotting solution the garment should be dry-cleaned by a professional dry cleaner within 24 to 48 hours.

Mix a spotting solution made up of one part liquid dishwasher soap, one part distilled white vinegar and six parts water. Place all the ingredients in a container and mix them together.

Pour a small amount of the spotting solution on a dry white towel. Rub the spotting solution on a hidden part of the wool pants to test the colorfastness of the dye in the material. If the white towel does not have any dye on it after being rubbed on the wool, the garment can be cleaned using the spotting solution.

Pour a small amount of the spotting solution directly onto the oil stain on the wool garment. Tap the stain with a brush to work the spotting solution into the stain. Allow the solution to set for 10 minutes.

Blot the oil stain with a clean, dry white towel, then blot again with a wet white towel. Repeat the blotting with a dry white towel.

Repeat the application of the spotting solution and the blotting with white towels if the stain is not completely removed with one application.

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