How to Wash Fresh Fruit With Peroxide

Healthy eating fruits and vegetables in box from above


You can wash away the germs and pesticides from your fresh fruit without using a pricey fruit and vegetable wash or spray. Washing your fruit in a solution of hydrogen peroxide not only sanitizes the fruit's surface and reduces pesticide residue and other contaminants, it can also extend the shelf life of your cut melon and other similar fruits. All you need to make your own eco-friendly fruit wash is a bottle of hydrogen peroxide -- preferably the 35 percent food-grade type -- and water.

Fill your sink with water. If you're using 35 percent food-grade peroxide, add about 1 tablespoon to the sink.

Soak firm produce, such as apples and pears, for about 15 minutes. Soak berries or other fruits with thin peels, such as peaches, for about 5 minutes.

Drain the sink and rinse the fruit with fresh water.

Lay the fruit on a kitchen towel in a single layer to let it dry completely before you pack it up to put in the refrigerator, or place it in your fruit bowl.