How to Use Norforms

From time to time women may experience that not so fresh feeling. There are so many feminine hygiene products that are available, but you have to be careful not to choose the wrong ones. Norforms, is a really great product that has been around for years. Norforms is a really effective vaginal odor product. Norforms is available in two great long-lasting scents, Island Escape and Fresh Flowers.

Check around in your local drug stores or Walmart. Norforms are usually found in the feminine hygiene isle. They come in a little square box with about 10 suppositories in the box.

You can use them at anytime of day. The box usually comes with a plastic applicator to help you insert it. The norform feels like clear candle wax, but it melts very easily once inserted.

Make sure you place a panty liner in your underwear for the first hour or so. As the norform melts it will leak onto your underwear, and possibly clothes.

Be prepared to smell fresh for the next 24hrs.