How to Use Hard Wax for Hair Removal

How to Use Hard Wax for Hair Removal. Using a wax to remove hair is a proven and effective method. When shopping for a wax hair remover, you'll find that there are many different types available. One of the most popular choices for salons and spas is a hard wax product. The benefit of a hard wax is that strips are not required during application.

Heat the hard wax in a warmer. Once the hard wax is a thick consistency, it's ready for application.

Clean the area of the body where you want the hair removed. You can do this step while the hard wax is heating up.

Apply the hard wax to the skin with the wax applicator. Look for the direction of hair growth and follow that line. You want to apply a thick coat of the wax since hard wax sits more on top of the skin than soft wax.

Let the hard wax sit on the skin until it cools down. It should harden enough so that you can remove it from the skin by pulling it off.

Press down on the skin and remove the hard wax. If it's ready, it should pull off without any difficulty. However, you should not wait too long because it may get brittle and very tricky to remove.