How to Use Corn Huskers Lotion

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Tatiana Belova/Hemera/Getty Images

You don't have to shuck corn to use Corn Huskers Lotion. This home remedy, which debuted in 1919, made the transition from the farm to the medicine cabinet, where it lends itself to all sorts of uses. Primarily, Corn Huskers Lotion serves as a heavy-duty, oil-free hand moisturizer that relies on glycerin to bring moisture to the surface of the skin. A few other uses may surprise you.

For the Body

Like the label says, Corn Huskers Lotion targets dry skin on the hands. Use the salve just as you would a normal hand lotion, by thoroughly rubbing about a nickel-sized amount into your hands. Reapply a few times a day, as needed. The manufacturers of Corn Huskers Lotion recommend it for cracked, chapped or irritated skin. You may also apply it to your feet and legs.

For the Face

Speaking to the "Saturday Evening Post," dermatologist Zoe D. Draelos recommends skin treatments that contain glycerin, a key ingredient of Corn Huskers Lotion. She notes glycerin's ability to enhance your skin's water-retaining abilities and minimize the appearance of fine lines. Massage about a dime-sized amount of lotion to your face and neck -- avoiding your eyes and mouth -- at least once a day to keep skin soft and hydrated.

More Huskers Tips

Regular moisturizing isn't the only use folks have found for Corn Huskers Lotion. U.S.A. Cycling Certified Coach Levi Bloom touts the product as a soothing balm for aching sunburns. On a slightly more intimate note, authors Terry and Joe Graedon of "The People's Pharmacy" offer Corn Huskers Lotion as an effective personal lubricant, particularly for postmenopausal women.

Potential Perks

As an oil-free product, Corn Huskers Lotion doesn't leave a greasy residue, and its alcohol content helps the skin absorb the moisturizer quickly. Glycerin -- an element that occurs naturally in the skin -- acts as a hygroscopic humectant. This means that it helps the skin retain moisture by absorbing water from other sources -- in this case, the lower layers of the dermis. According to research published in the “American Journal of Contact Dermatitis,” the regular use of glycerin-based skincare products can help bolster your skin's natural protective abilities by assisting skin lipids and regulating water levels.