How to Use an Orange for Highlights in Hair

Orange cut in half Images

The juices of citrus fruits are longtime natural ways to lighten your hair. Oranges are a less common choice (the juice of lemons is the most well-known), but are equally effective in adding a bit of brilliance to dull locks. Do not expect the same results as lemon juice or traditional hair bleach; the main benefit is that the orange juice will remove buildup and reveal shinier and healthier-looking hair.

Peel about two oranges (more if your hair is very long or very thick) and insert them into an electric juicer. Juice the oranges on high.

Pour the orange juice and the water into a plastic spray bottle.

Shake the bottle to mix the two ingredients.

Apply Juice

Section your hair into four parts and fasten each with a plastic clip.

Begin spraying the orange juice-and-water mixture onto the front of your hair. Work your way to the back of your head, removing the clips as you go.

Put a plastic shower cap over your head to allow the orange juice to penetrate your hair shaft.

Set the hooded dryer to medium heat and sit under it for up to an hour.

Rinse the mixture from your hair before shampooing and conditioning as usual.