How to Restore Blond Hair With Tomato Juice

How to Restore Blond Hair With Tomato Juice. Swimming in pools treated with chlorine often leaves a natural blond's hair with an unnatural shade of green in it. Luckily, tomato juice can restore the blond in your hair and return it to its natural light color.

Get an 8 oz. can of tomato juice and a plastic, disposable cup.

Pour the tomato juice into the cup.

Take the cup into the bathroom. Get ready for a shower.

Step into the shower. Before turning on the water, pour the tomato juice over your head and begin working it into your hair and scalp using your fingers.

Stand in your bathtub or shower for about 15 minutes while you allow the tomato juice to seep into your hair. The tomato juice acid needs time to strip the chlorine and its green residue out of your hair.

Turn on the shower and rinse the tomato juice from your hair. Remove all of the tomato juice from your hair before applying a shampoo and conditioner.