How to Use a Clothing Steamer

How to Use a Clothing Steamer. A clothing steamer is a fantastic invention that allows you to eliminate wrinkles in hard-to-iron fabrics, such as large drapery, silk, tablecloths and more. While the specific way to use your clothing steamer will vary depend on the model, there are some general rules that can help get you started.

Hang the item that you want to stem so that the weight of the fabric can help to pull out the wrinkles. Never attempt to steam an item when it is resting on a flat surface, as you will only saturate the fabric with water. For best results, hold the clothing steamer head vertical when in use and never horizontal as you would an iron.

Check the clothing steamer occasionally as you work, making sure there is always water in the tank. Using your steamer when it is very low on water or dry can damage the machine. However, make sure you do not overfill the tank, or the steamer will sputter water.

Touch the head of the clothing steamer lightly to heavier, sturdy fabrics, as the motion of the head against the fabric helps to create a smooth finish. However, when steaming silk, velvet or other delicate fabrics, keep the steamer head at least 2 inches from the fabric.

Steam delicate fabrics on the wrong side. For heavier fabrics, you may find that steaming both the front and back of the fabric creates the best possible results.

Pass over the entire piece of fabric with the clothing steamer head and then leave the item for a few minutes. If there are still wrinkles present, pass the steam over problems areas once again. It is better to leave a few minutes between steaming, as fabric can become too damp with excessive steam.