How to Use a Bulova Accutron Chronograph

by Ashley Brown ; Updated September 28, 2017

The Bulova Accutron Chronograph eliminates the need for a separate stopwatch.

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The Bulova Accutron Chronograph is a stylish, multifunctional watch. The Accutron Chronograph not only tells time, but it also has a stopwatch function. The three small dials on the watch’s face represent the one-tenth second timer, second timer and the 30-minute timer. Owning a chronograph watch gives you the ability to time important events in your life, whether it is the time it takes you to reach a destination or do a quick workout.

How to Adjust the Chronograph

Pull the crown out twice. This is position three and the furthest distance you are able to pull the crown from the watch’s side.

Press “A” to advance the second hand to the “0” or 12 o’clock position. The “A” button is the top button.

Press “B” to position the 1/10 second hand to position “0”. The “B” button is the bottom button.

Push the crown in once. This is position two.

Press “B” to advance the 30-minute chronograph hand to the “0” or 12 o’clock position.

Push the crown in once to its original position. This is position one.

How to Use the Chronograph

Press “A” to start the chronograph.

Press “A” to stop the chronograph.

Press “B” to return all chronograph hands to the “0” position.


  • Pushing a button advances the hand one movement per push, but holding a button rapidly advances hand movement. (See Reference 1) The digital window will have “CH” when you start the chronograph feature. (See Reference 2, pdf 2) Repeatedly press and release “A” to add chronograph times together and get a total time.

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