How to Tweeze Nose Hair

How to Tweeze Nose Hair. Those pesky nose hairs have taken over your face again, and you are about to blow your gasket. I mean, really. Who asked for a Chia Pet inside their nose?! Stay calm. There's a simple solution.

Sterilize your tweezers. Whether you are using fancy shmancy electric tweezers or the old-fashioned prongs, get rid of germs with rubbing alcohol, boiling water, or by placing the tweezers in a flame.

Maneuver the hair so that it is positioned in the direction of the natural hair growth. This will be hard with nose hair--do the best you can!

Separate the hair you are going to tweeze or trim. Tweeze one hair at a time! Removing multiple hair at the same time can be painful and irritating.

Pull out hair in the same direction as it grows. Again, this will be slightly difficult with nose hair, but use your instinct. If it doesn't feel right, the hair is probably not growing that way.

Do not yank! This is a common misconception. Just do it quick, like a band-aid, right? Nope. Tweeze gently, avoid force. You don't need to spend five minutes pulling out a hair, but don't tug fiercely.

Apply ice or a cold washcloth to sooth irritation when you are finished. Wash your hands. Less nose hair means less protection from bacteria. Remember, hair is a natural filter!