How to Get Rid of Garlic Body Odor

by Jess Jones ; Updated September 28, 2017

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Garlic consumption has many health benefits, including helping with acne, lowering cholesterol, boosting the immune system and acting as a natural antibiotic. People consume garlic because of the health benefits or because they like the way it tastes in their favorite foods. Unfortunately, a person who eats a lot of garlic often smells strongly of the potent herb. This can happen when your pores expell the garlic odor. Since each person's metabolism is different, some people smell more than others after eating garlic.

Begin taking one to two garlic supplement capsules every day. This works well if you are primarily eating garlic for health benefits. Garlic capsules do not cause the same body odor issues as eating garlic.

Bathe or shower daily. Apply antiperspirant or deodorant to help with perspiration.

Exercise immediately after eating a meal that contains a lot of garlic. This will speed up the excretion of the garlic and make the body odor less prominent throughout the rest of the day. Be sure to shower and apply antiperspirant or deodorant after exercising.

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