How to Cook With Garlic Salt

How to Cook With Garlic Salt. Garlic salt is powdered garlic mixed with table salt. However, the utility of garlic salt is an easy addition to food; you don't have to mince or press the garlic itself to get a garlic flavor onto your plate, and garlic salt is less perishable than other forms of garlic.

When starting to prepare a dish, think about whether you have time to cut raw garlic or roast the bulbs for use.

If you are in a hurry, don't bother with the garlic, just substitute garlic salt. Look at the recipe and try to determine how much flavor you need.

Add garlic salt according to measures.

Taste to determine if you need more.

Let the dish cook for several minutes or stir to get the garlic salt well distributed into your food.

It's not a great idea to try to use garlic salt for any recipe that needs a significant amount of garlic. It's best to use it just for a little flavor. For substance, you need actual garlic, or if that's not available, use an unsalted garlic powder. Too much salted garlic will ruin your dish.