How to Freeze Garlic Scapes

by Melynda Sorrels

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Garlic scapes are the tender, immature flowering shoots that stem from garlic bulbs. These potent little fronds can pack as much flavor as the garlic itself. Useful in cooking and salads alike, garlic scapes are a must-have in a garlic lover’s kitchen. If you recently have come into possession of more garlic scapes than you can use before they go bad, the extras can be frozen, for the next time your dinner needs just a little something to make it pop.

Wash away any dirt or debris from the garlic scapes, under lukewarm running water.

Drop the garlic scapes into a pot of boiling water for three minutes.

Remove the scapes from the boiling water and immediately submerge them in a bowl of ice water for three more minutes.

Remove the garlic scapes from the water and pat them dry with a paper towel. Set them aside on a plate or paper towel to allow them to finish air dying.

Package the garlic scapes into freezer bags and mark the date on the bag with a marker.


  • Use or discard the garlic scapes within one year from the time you freeze them.

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