How to Turn a plain cake mix into a "Sinfully Delicious" Dessert

Chocolate cake can be good, but it's still just a chocolate cake. With just a few extra ingredients and a little more time, you can turn a plain cake mix into a mouth-watering exstravagent dessert.

use bakers joy spray on your cake pans and pre-heat your oven to recommended degrees on mix box.

make box cake mix according to package instruction, but instead of using oil use 1/2 cup applesauce, and add one pkg instant chocolate pudding mix + 2 extra tablespoons of water.

pour evenly into the two round cake pans and bake as directed, checking for toothpick to come out clean. let cool.

while cake is baking, place can of the whipped chocolate frosting in a bowl, and add 1/4 cup sour cream, beat together.

place one cake upside down on cake plate. use 1/3 of frosting mixture to cover top of it. add a layer of raspberry preserves. take chocolate syrup and drizzle over raspberry layer. place second cake right side up on top of the layers, and use the rest of frosting mixture to frost.