How to Treat Ingrown Pubic Hair

How to Treat Ingrown Pubic Hair. Ingrown pubic hairs occur when the hair grows at an acute angle and fails to clear the follicle before turning back. They are most often the result of shaving in the opposite direction of the hair growth or removing the hair below the skin. Ingrown pubic hairs cause red bumps or a rash that can be painful.

Use heat to soften the skin. Apply a hot flannel compress to the affected area three times per day. You can also use a sauna or hot tub. The heat may open the pores and allow the skin to soften sufficiently to allow the ingrown hair to be drawn out.

Exfoliate the pubic area gently to loosen the skin holding the ingrown hair. Use a loofah or synthetic sponge to apply an exfoliating agent containing salicylic acid.

Treat infected hairs by stretching the skin gently with the thumb and forefinger to remove any pus and expose the hair. Sterilize a pair of pointed tweezers with hydrogen peroxide and use them to remove the hair by the root. Dab a little hydrogen peroxide or aloe vera on the area to prevent infection.

Stop shaving and waxing until the skin is no longer irritated. Shaving and waxing can further cause the ingrown hair to become infected. Wear loose underwear to reduce chaffing and irritation.

Apply an over-the-counter cream or prescription medication if you continue to get ingrown hairs.