How to Tint Coconut

How to Tint Coconut. Some cakes and dessert recipes require tinted coconut for sprinkling on for decoration or putting onto frosting. Green coconut is popular on Easter cakes because it looks like grass on the cake. If you've ever wondered how to tint coconut, the following steps show you how.

Measure out an amount of coconut that you need for your recipe.

Place the coconut in a plastic, resealable storage bag.

Drop in two or three drops of desired food coloring into the bag. Let it drop onto the plastic instead of the actual coconut. If using a thick-concentrated coloring, put some of the coloring on a toothpick. Then wipe it onto the inside of the bag.

Close the bag, and shake it well. Massage it with your fingers to get all the color into the coconut. Keep shaking and massaging the bag until you evenly distribute the color.

Add more coloring until you achieve the desired color, if the color is too light. If the color is too dark, add more coconut.

Continue to experiment with this until you get the color the way you desire. Shake the bag well before adding more color or coconut.