How to Tie Converse Shoelaces

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Converse shoes have been a long-standing trend. According to Sneakerhead, what started a popular fashion footwear statement back in the 70s accounts for at least 60 percent of all Americans having at least one pair of Converse sneakers. The Converse "look" even has its own style of lacing. Grab two shoelaces of your preferred color to get the unique Converse double lace look.

Put the white laces in first on the inside of the shoe’s inner flap. Next, slip the brown laces into the grommet on the outside of the shoe’s flap. Take note that the white lace will be the inner lace and the brown lace will be the outer lace as mentioned in the following steps.

Next, put the white lace inside the right grommet underneath the flap and bring it back around out of the grommet (in a criss-cross fashion). Now, lace the left side's lace through the next grommet to the right side of the inner flap. Be sure that the lace goes underneath the flap and comes out toward you. Continue lacing upward and stop at the third to last grommet.

Place the outer shoelace (brown) into the grommet from the crossover point on the shoe’s outer flap. Make sure that the lace is facing toward the shoe and is being laced in from the opposite direction of the other shoelaces (white); if you started on the right hand side on the inner laces, you should start lacing with the left hand side on the outer laces.

Take the outer shoelace (brown) and slip it underneath the second lacing (white). Crossover the brown lace as you go up. Then, start with the right hand lace next and again under the inner white laces, pulling it through the grommet towards the shoe.

Continue lacing in a crossover manner until you hit the fourth to last grommet. Finally, tie brown lace under the laces that are in the lace’s holder piece (the strip at the top of the shoe that lace goes through). Leave the last grommet unlaced. Tie both colored laces into a knot.