How to Tie a Tie


0:00 how to tie a tie once you've mastered

0:03 the technique

0:04 you won't need a mirror to look dapper

0:06 in your favorite tie this video will

0:08 teach you to tie a four-in-hand knot

0:12 step 1

0:14 lift up the color of your shirt and put

0:19 the tie around the back of your neck the

0:23 wide end should hang down about twice as

0:25 low as the thin end it can hang closer

0:27 to your right or left hand depending on

0:29 what's more comfortable for you step 2

0:33 wrap the white end around the thin end

0:35 twice a few inches below your neck the

0:37 white end should go over the thin end

0:39 first step 3 after wrapping the white

0:44 end around the second time push it

0:46 through the back of the v-shape made by

0:48 the partially formed knot step 4 tuck

0:53 the wide end through the front loop of

0:54 the knot

1:05 step 5 gently pull down on both the thin

1:09 and white ends below the knots until the

1:11 knot is tight step 6

1:14 hold the thin end and slide the knot up

1:16 to your neck if the thin end hangs below

1:22 the wide end untie the tie and begin

1:24 again with the wide end hanging lower

1:26 than it did the first time

1:28 if the wide end hangs too low untie the

1:31 tie and begin again with the wide end

1:33 hanging higher than it did the first

1:35 time step 7

1:37 flip your collar back down once you and

1:40 your tie look dapper and do any further

1:43 adjustments necessary