How to Tie a Navy Necktie

Navy men and women are meticulous with how they are supposed to tie their neckties. If you've ever been wondering how to tie a navy necktie and actually have one to practice with, follow these basic steps in order to get a perfectly tied navy necktie.

The first step to take in tying a Navy necktie is to place the necktie around your neck, making sure that it is placed underneath your collar.

When placing the Navy necktie around your neck, be sure to make the right side of the necktie is two to four inches longer than the left side so that the right side hangs down further.

Begin tying the necktie by loosely crossing each of the necktie's sides, making sure that the longer side goes over the shorter.

Bring up the longer side of the Navy necktie underneath and through the opening at the top where the two sides of your necktie meet as if you are tying a regular knot.

Let the longer of your necktie fall to the left after you have brought it through the opening. Both sides should be hanging down after this step.

Again cross both sides of the tie, except in reverse fashion. In other words, criss-cross the two sides of the Navy necktie as before, making sure that the long end is crossed over the short end. At this point there should be a loop that has formed.

Bring the long end through the loop and let it fall to your right side.

Finally, the Navy necktie knot should be formed by adjusting the knot so that it is even with the bottom of your collar opening and making sure that both sides of the necktie hang down evenly.