How to Tie a Military Knot


0:00 Hi, my name is Mark Breaux, and I've been in men's tailored clothing for about twenty five years now, and I'm here to show you how to tie a four-in-hand knot, on a necktie. This knot, I've heard referred to as the military knot, quite often. It's the one that most of the military branches use for their dress ties. It ties a elongated knot and slightly angled, it's a fairly simple knot. You start out with the big side of the tie over one side, longer than the other, just gauge it for the length of how tall you are. You cross it over and you go completely around, and you cross it over the face, that's the first step, and that forms the face of the knot, o.k. You want to get this up high, like that, then you go up through the neck, and then down through the face. And, then you pull it over, pull that face down so it turns. Now, when you slide this up, again this will be slightly angled as the tips of the collar set like that, and a little longer based of a knot than some of your other knots that you'll see tied. And, that is the four-in-hand knot.