How to Tie a Head Scarf Like in the 1920s


0:00 hi do you love the 1920s I do I love old

0:05 movies and just history's just a repeat

0:07 of fashion I'm Wendy brass well I'm the

0:10 beauty expert I'm here to talk about

0:13 head scarves like the 1920s let's first

0:17 talk about the style hair styles changed

0:19 in the 20s that was the first Bob we're

0:22 thankful for that it went for a looser

0:24 curl a little a little more relaxed than

0:27 the previous time so I'm going to show

0:28 you a few head coverings for the 20s

0:30 that were just protected the hair that

0:32 was the whole purpose of a scarf then so

0:35 we're gonna start at the top of the head

0:36 and go ahead and hold that for me you're

0:41 gonna kind of roll the corners now we're

0:44 going to tie to one side that's one way

0:47 the whole purpose then of wearing scarfs

0:49 was to protect your hair at night and to

0:51 keep your hair set they didn't run to

0:53 the hair salon like we do today so

0:55 that's one way to wear it for the 20s

0:57 the second way is you can go ahead and

0:59 tie it bows were we coming huge the

1:02 flapper style was in big influence so

1:05 we're going to tie a knot and then make

1:07 a bow

1:13 during that time the experiment and they

1:15 start to get a little bit looser with

1:17 fashion so this is a great way to

1:19 accentuate protect the hairstyles keep

1:21 the loose curls in the pin curls started

1:23 in that era it's a second way third way

1:27 is we're just gonna simply loosen this

1:29 up and let it drape now we're gonna let

1:33 it hang very chic very cool in that at

1:39 that time scarves for a luxury and they

1:42 came in many colors and many fabrics so

1:44 enjoy three ample simple ways to wear

1:46 scarf like in the 1920s if you'd like

1:49 more style tips you can find me on the

1:51 web at Wendy brass well calm