How to Tie a Double Windsor

DAJ/amana images/Getty Images

When getting dressed for a big day, the right tie benefits from a carefully crafted knot like the Double Windsor. The knot sits slightly wider than most and in a triangular shape. It best suits spread-collar shirts and men with a longer neck. It's a knock-out knot that will set you apart when you're looking to impress.

Lift the collar of your shirt and wrap the tie around your neck with the thin portion on your left side. Position the end of the wide side 12 inches below the end of the thin side.

Cross the wide side over the thin side. Fold the wide side up and under the loop, between the collar and the tie so that it sits on the left side.

Pull the wide side to the right and under the thin side. Wrap it up and over the loop, and pull it down to the right.

Wrap the wide side over the thin side, and fold it under the loop at the neck. Slide the wide portion through the knot of the tie and down again.

Grasp the knot of the tie and pull it upwards until it sits at the desired position between your collar. Fold your collar down over the loop of the tie.