How to Tie a Clip-On Tie That's Come Undone

by Emile Heskey ; Updated September 28, 2017

A clip-on tie is an extremely simple item of clothing.

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A clip-on tie is an easy alternative to a regular tie. In some lines of work, such as on the police force, a clip-on tie is a safe alternative to a tie, which effectively forms a noose. If your clip-on tie has come undone, reattach it easily -- and you will not even need a mirror to check yourself. In less than a minute you can readjust yourself and go about your business.

Remove your clip-on tie completely if it has come undone.

Fold up the collar on your shirt and confirm that your top button is secure.

Clip the tie onto the top button of your shirt, and press on the knot of the tie to close the clip firmly.

Fold your shirt collar down and tuck the edges of the tie knot under the wings of your collar.

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