How to Tie a Clip-On Tie That's Come Undone

by Emile Heskey

A clip-on tie is an extremely simple item of clothing.

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A clip-on tie is an easy alternative to a regular tie. In some lines of work, such as on the police force, a clip-on tie is a safe alternative to a tie, which effectively forms a noose. If your clip-on tie has come undone, reattach it easily -- and you will not even need a mirror to check yourself. In less than a minute you can readjust yourself and go about your business.

Step 1

Remove your clip-on tie completely if it has come undone.

Step 2

Fold up the collar on your shirt and confirm that your top button is secure.

Step 3

Clip the tie onto the top button of your shirt, and press on the knot of the tie to close the clip firmly.

Step 4

Fold your shirt collar down and tuck the edges of the tie knot under the wings of your collar.

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