How to Store Leather Boots Indefinitely

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Storing leather boots is an activity commonly done after the winter season passes, and shoe-lovers want to carefully put away their warm weather footwear for another year. However, if you're looking to store leather boots indefinitely, be it because of an impending move or a wish to wear a newer pair, there are some extra tips to follow to ensure the boots stay clean and fresh. These tips make the process stress-free and simple.

Clean the boots thoroughly. Rub leather cleaner, found at most shoe stores, all over the boots to remove any stains that may have formed from mud, rain or salt.

Brush a clean, dry toothbrush all over the boots, taking care to also brush around the under sole and the heel of the shoe. This will remove any debris that may have caked onto the boot.

Roll old plastic shopping bags into balls and stuff the toe and entire bottom part of the boots with the bags. This will help the toe and heel area keep its shape while not being worn.

Place clean, empty egg cartons into the leg of the boots. This will help the leg keep its form while being stored.

Place the boots in a large shoe box to protect them from light and dust. Lay the boots in the box so that the toes are pointed away from each other.

If you are storing multiple pairs, write a description of the boots on an index card with a marker. Write the boots' style, brand, color and size on the card and tape it to the outside of the shoe box for easy identification while the shoes are being stored.

Place the shoe box on a high shelf in a closet or storage unit. Make sure the side of the box with the index card is facing forward.