How to Keep Your Snakeskin Boots From Turning Yellow

Close-up of Man in Snake Skin Boots and Blue Jeans

Ryan McVay/Valueline/Getty Images

Unlike traditional boot materials, like cowhide, snakeskin boots have an interesting, exotic pattern that is unique to the material. Snakeskin comes from various snakes, like rattlesnakes and pythons, and each has different colored scales and scale sizes. One common problem boot owners face is the yellowing of snakeskin. Exposure to sun and age contribute to yellowing, and even diligent care cannot entirely stop the process. With good boot care and regularly cleaning, you can slow discoloration and enjoy the original color of the snakeskin longer.

Clean boots with a soft cloth, rubbing against the scales to remove dust and debris. Wipe down boots after every wearing.

Find a cream polish that matches the color of your boots. Rub the polish into the boot, going with the grain of the scales. Polishing your boots maintains the gloss and shine.

Apply reptile conditioner with another soft cloth, rubbing the liquid into the snakeskin with the grain of the scales. This keeps the boots moisturized and supple.

Store boots in a closet or box away from the sun. Fill each boot with rolled towels to help them maintain its shape. You can also use a boot tree to keep the boot’s tall shape.